Privacy Policy Statement

I.) We take serious about your privacy. The application does not collect or publish any personal information. The application does not gather any non anonymous information about your device or you.

II.) The application use Microsoft Advertising to display ads in the free and trial versions of the app.

1.) For the privacy policy for Microsoft please read this site:

2.) Microsoft Advertising requires the following permissions to work:

a.) ID_CAP_NETWORKING: The application connects to the internet only to retrieve advertisments.

b.) ID_CAP_WEBBROWSERCOMPONENT: The application connects to the internet only to retrieve advertisments.

c.) ID_CAP_IDENTITY_DEVICE: Provides access to device-specific information such as an anonymous device ID, or the manufacturer or model name. Used only for advertisment quality purposes.

d.) ID_CAP_IDENTITY_USER: Gives an app the ability to use an anonymous Microsoft account to identify the user anonymously. This is an anonymous id used only to track advertisment quality.

e.) ID_CAP_MEDIALIB: If and only if the user cliks on the advertisment it gives the ability to save an advertisment as a photo in the Camera Roll and Saved Pictures folders. Otherwise this capability not used!

f.) ID_CAP_PHONEDIALER: If and only if the user clicks on the advertisment - if a phone number is supplied by the ad - it gives the ability to call the advertiser if the user choose this. Otherwise this capability not used!

3.) If you bought the app from the Windows Store - paid version - then the app will not use Microsoft Advertising and so will not use these capabilities.

III.) The application use the following capabilities only to work as expected:

a.) ID_CAP_SENSORS: used only to get sensor info.

b.) ID_CAP_PROXIMITY: used only to get proximity info.

c.) ID_CAP_LOCATION: used only to get location info.


d.) ID_CAP_REMOVABLE_STORAGE: used only to get storage info.

e.) ID_CAP_ISV_CAMERA: used only to get camera info.

f.) ID_CAP_MICROPHONE: usde only to get microphone info.


IV.) For more information about App capabilities and hardware requirements please read the following article: